Beating the TSX (BTSX) – 2019


In my book Market Masters (2016), I interviewed Ross Grant, who took over from David Stanley to manage the Beating the TSX (BTSX) portfolio.

BTSX has achieved a ~12% annual compound return, beating the index (TSX 60). Here’s a chart that tracks the performance of BTSX vs. TSX 60 (total return, including dividends).


The new 2019 Beating the TSX (BTSX) portfolio was released (see all 10 stocks below), and the overall dividend yield is 5.59%, with utility  telecom, and bank stocks making up the core holdings (as should be expected). The prices below are as of Jan 2, 2019.

Beating the TSX (BTSX 2019) 


The BTSX portfolio has done well, considering it’s a very passive strategy. $10,000 invested alongside the BTSX portfolio 30 years ago would have grown to $229,902 by 2019, vs the TSX 60 ($106,469).

Source: Canadian MoneySaver


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