Stock Market Adventure (Investing for Kids)


It’s back to school season soon, and I know that some of you have young kids at home, and others have lil’ nieces, nephews, grandkids etc.

I remember growing up, there wasn’t really anything available to get me interested in the stock market at a very young age (it wasn’t until high school). The schools in this country still don’t teach how to invest in stocks, so it’s up to the students themselves or their parents to provide that early inspiration.

So, I recently created from scratch what I call the “Stock Market Adventure“. It’s a printable activity sheet that your kids (or other young loved ones) can print, and have fun filling out. There’s lots to do: public company search, ticker look-up, exchange maze, industry match-up, math problems, and more!

Although, I think the little ones are already ahead of the game (and don’t even know it). Remember what Peter Lynch said: “Never invest in any idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon“.  It’s true!

The activity sheet (PDF) is inside my Patreon package, which also includes:

23+ Independent MicroCap Research Reports (as of August 2019):
AcuityAds (AT.v) – EnWave (ENW.v) – Hamilton Thorne (HTL.v) – Intrinsyc Technologies (ITC) – Kraken Robotics (PNG.v) – NamSys (CTZ.v) – Redishred Capital (KUT.v) – WELL Health Technologies (WELL.v) – XPEL Technologies (DAP.U) – Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee (SWP) – Sangoma Technologies (STC.v) – WOW! Unlimited Media (WOW.v) – GreenSpace Brands (JTR.v) – Titanium Transportation Group (TTR.v) – Organic Garage (OG.v) – FLYHT Aerospace Solutions (FLY.v) – Good Natured Products (GDNP.v) – Hill Street Beverage Company (BEER.v) – Enthusiast Gaming Holdings (EGLX.v) – Western Investment Company of Canada (WI.v) – TIMIA Capital (TCA.v) – PowerBand Solutions (PBX.v) – National Access Cannabis (META.v) – Plus: LightSpeed POS (LSPD)  *more coming…*

20+ Exclusive Audio Interviews w/ Top Investors (as of July 2019): 
Jason Donville – Francois Rochon – Aubrey Hearn – Gerry Wimmer – John Ewing – Martin Braun – James Telfser – Iain Butler – Roger Dent – Barry Schwartz – Jason Mann – Matt Kacur – Jason Del Vicario – Alex Sasso – Benj Gallander – Richard Rooney – Keith Richards – Steven Ko *more coming…*

Private Chat Group w/ Bots & Level-up Powers:
Meet other DIY investors who are hunting for their next multi-baggers, and interact with the bots inside that will automatically send you alerts throughout the week: new 52-week highs, recent financial filings, IPO listings, and more. Also, you can level up! You’ll gain XP and levels by participating in the chat; posting updates / news on stocks that you follow etc. It’s lots of fun.

Best 15 Ideas, and Updated Top Stock Lists:
Future 60 MicroCaps, Canadian Capital Compounders, and U.S. Compounders (coming soon)

Toolkit for DIY Investors:
75+ Investor Presentations (Future 60 + Capital Compounders), TSX Venture Rolodex (1,600+ company contacts), Capital Compounders Club, Guest Features (e.g. top ideas), Punch-card Picks, Capital Compounders Audiobook, Market Masters ePUB, and Ask Me Anything

Plus: Dividend Growth Machines excel; 70 curated CDN Income Stocks

Why my Package?
– Researching & picking stocks since 2005 (with battle scars to show)
– Focus on growth companies (mostly micro / small / mid-cap companies)
– Pick n’ choose what works for you; F60 MicroCaps & Capital Compounders
– No exposure to Resource-based (e.g. Oil & Gas) / cyclical companies
– Content is updated for members on a monthly basis (always fresh)
– No compensation from any companies (ever)

Give it a try.  See you there!


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