Market Masters II: Sequel


I’m trying something new…

I’m working on somewhat of a sequel to my National Bestselling Book, Market Masters (2016), however; it won’t be in book format this time…

All of these new interviews will be in streaming audio format (60+ mins each), and shared with you as they happen (same week), rather than months, or even a year later because it needs to go to the printing press. You’ll get em’ fresh on Patreon!

Plus, I love the audio format, because it means you can listen to these interviews while driving in your car, working out, or relaxing in bed after a long day.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve uploaded seven (7) new exclusive audio interviews with Fund Managers, and Investors (as of March, 2019).

Here’s who I recently met, and interviewed:

– Jason Donville (DKAM)
– Gerry Wimmer (Investorfile)
– Aubrey Hearn (Sentry Small/Mid Cap Fund)
– John Ewing (Opportunities Fund)
– Martin Braun (JC Clark Adaly Fund)
– James Telfser (Aventine Canadian Equity Fund)
– Francois Rochon (Giverny Capital)

There’s more interviews coming throughout the year, but they’re only going to be released to my Patreon subscribers. My mission is to give my Patreon subscribers inside access to all of these investors’ strategies, stock picking processes, and best ideas. I hope these interviews can add value to your own investment process. Learn more.




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