Small Cap Ideas II


///  Update: One of My Best 15 Ideas for 2019 is up +124% YTD ///

I recently caught up with Gerry Wimmer, founder of Investorfile. Gerry is a DIY investor, and shares all of his stock picks online. I think he’s a very honest, and credible guy. Gerry runs a concentrated portfolio. Plus, he’s got a lot of conviction. Since 2012, Gerry’s only picked 20 top ideas (2-3 per year), and as of Dec 2018, his average current price return (with dividends): +185%. We also happen to have overlap in our portfolios (five of his current picks).

I first met Gerry a couple of years ago, and wrote about his stock selection process (short summary) in “Small Cap Ideas“. However, now that I’m working on my new Investor Interview Series (streaming audio), I invited Gerry for a follow-up conversation. It’s 60+ mins, and we discuss his scope & strategy (micro / small-cap), stock selection process, industry focus (technology, services, industrial), best ideas for 2019, and all 13 current ideas (seven companies were taken over since 2012) including his best performer; Questor Technology QST.v (+1215%; 13x return).

In the Interview, Gerry talks about his current top picks (among other topics):
– Sangoma Technologies (TSXV: STC)
– Avante Logixx (TSXV: XX)
– Caldwell Partners International (TSX: CWL)
– Questor Technology (TSXV: QST)
– Intrinsyc Technologies (TSX: ITC)
– Quorum Information Technologies (TSXV: QIS)
– Posera (TSX: PAY)
– Gatekeeper Systems (TSXV: GSI)
– AirIQ (TSXV: IQ)
– Intouch Insight (TSXV: INX)
– Destiny Media Technologies  (TSXV: DSY)
– Novra Technologies (TSXV: NVI)
– Titan Logix (TSXV: TLA)

It was definitely a fun interview. Lots of new insights.

P.S. Sangoma Technologies (TSXV: STC) was the #1 favourite punch-card project idea for 2019 (4 / 60 submissions).


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