Launches in Canada


Press Release: Launches in Canada – Official Co-op Jobs Site

Before the launch of, an alternative to the generic University or College co-op job board did not exist. This motivated Robin Speziale, a University of Waterloo co-op grad and serial entrepreneur, to launch “I wanted to create a second avenue for co-op students. It’s discouraging that University and College co-op job boards are offering the same old co-op job opportunities today as when I was enrolled in the co-op program. aggregates thousands of co-op jobs from the web in real time – there are always new co-op job opportunities to be found across Canada, no matter which school you attend” says Robin Speziale.

This highlights another issue that tarnishes the standard co-op job board: each University and College offers differing variations of co-op jobs. For example, University of Waterloo’s JobMine may list a co-op job that is not listed on Laurier University’s co-op job board. Conversely, on, co-op students are met with no such boundaries. “Simply put, is open and accessible to co-op students anywhere and everywhere, unlike the segregated co-op job boards that Canadian University’s and College’s operate”, Speziale adds.

On, co-op students can search for coop jobs by specifying their location and what type of co-op job they are looking for. As well, co-op students can narrow down their co-op search by selecting co-op categories such as City, Province, Company or Industry. Currently, there are plentiful co-op jobs in Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, Vancouver, Alberta, and Mississauga.

Robin Speziale, founder, declares “no more will co-op students need to rely on JobMine or any other University or College co-op job board! No more will co-op students cry in their beer over not landing a co-op job! The brand spankin’ new co-op jobs site is here!”

Robin Speziale


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