How to Be Successful: Warren Buffett Reveals The 3 Qualities That Matter Most in Your Career

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Warren Buffett:

“Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities:integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.”

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Warren Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. He is one of the most successful investors in the world. Buffett is the chairman, CEO, and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, and is ranked among the world’s wealthiest people at US$66.9 billion (April, 2016).


Robin Speziale is the national bestselling author of Market Masters, which is available at Chapters, Indigo, and Coles as well as Costco and He lives in Toronto, Ontario. Learn more about Market Masters.

Advertisement Launches in Canada


Press Release: Launches in Canada – Official Co-op Jobs Site

Before the launch of, an alternative to the generic University or College co-op job board did not exist. This motivated Robin Speziale, a University of Waterloo co-op grad and serial entrepreneur, to launch “I wanted to create a second avenue for co-op students. It’s discouraging that University and College co-op job boards are offering the same old co-op job opportunities today as when I was enrolled in the co-op program. aggregates thousands of co-op jobs from the web in real time – there are always new co-op job opportunities to be found across Canada, no matter which school you attend” says Robin Speziale.

This highlights another issue that tarnishes the standard co-op job board: each University and College offers differing variations of co-op jobs. For example, University of Waterloo’s JobMine may list a co-op job that is not listed on Laurier University’s co-op job board. Conversely, on, co-op students are met with no such boundaries. “Simply put, is open and accessible to co-op students anywhere and everywhere, unlike the segregated co-op job boards that Canadian University’s and College’s operate”, Speziale adds.

On, co-op students can search for coop jobs by specifying their location and what type of co-op job they are looking for. As well, co-op students can narrow down their co-op search by selecting co-op categories such as City, Province, Company or Industry. Currently, there are plentiful co-op jobs in Toronto, Waterloo, Ottawa, Vancouver, Alberta, and Mississauga.

Robin Speziale, founder, declares “no more will co-op students need to rely on JobMine or any other University or College co-op job board! No more will co-op students cry in their beer over not landing a co-op job! The brand spankin’ new co-op jobs site is here!”

Robin Speziale

Facebook Co-op Jobs for University of Waterloo Students



The University of Waterloo is the only Canadian University Facebook hires co-op students from.

Yes, pretty awesome – Facebook is at Waterloo. During the University of Waterloo co-op application process in Summer 2009, Facebook co-op positions started appearing on Jobmine.

If you’re a University of Waterloo co-op student who wants to work at Facebook on co-op term, you can keep up do date with hiring on Facebook’s Waterloo page: Facebook is at Waterloo.

When Facebook started posting co-op positions on Jobmine, positions ranged from Marketing Analyst to Programmer. So it seems Arts, Business, Computer Science and Engineering UW students are all welcome to apply to Facebook.

Here’s Facebook’s official guide to the Facebook co-op interview process:

The First Interview
If you’re at one of the campuses we visit, we’ll see you in person (pssst…no need to dress up all fancy. Save the suit for the bankers.) However, if we don’t visit your school, we’ll probably talk to you on the phone.

The first interview is about 30-45 minutes long and usually with someone from the team. We’ll want to hear about your past experiences and current accomplishments, as well as any technical skills that we’ve said are a requirement for the job. At the end of the first interview, you’ll find out if you’ve made it to the next step in process, which are on-site interviews called University Days.

What happens next?
After the interviews, our team will meet to discuss all the candidates. These conversations are always full of tough decisions. We work very hard to get back to all of our candidates with a decision as quickly as possible. If you have any questions as you wait, please don’t hesitate to contact your recruiter.

And hey, once you have graduated from the University of Waterloo, check out Facebook’s entry level jobs

Must See: Axe Toronto Summer Job



Axe Canada is hiring in Toronto for Summer 2010. According to the Axe Consumer consultant job description:

– A guy and girl will be hired
– $10,000 salary for 2 months
– Free apartment for job duration

But get this. “Work both individually and as a team to conduct in-depth field research on the Canadian dating landscape. In other words, date and tell.” Sounds crazy? fun?

Apply here

Google of Job Search – Simplyhired & Indeed


The job search should be easy.  Two job search sites I have used to find co-op jobs are and These sites are the Google of job search. Indeed and Simplyhired are so good because:

– jobs are aggregated from Monster, Workopolis, Careerbuilder and more job sites
– jobs are also pulled from company career pages
– all the jobs on the internet are on one spot

An example search for co-op jobs in Toronto found NEW HP , Telus , RBC and IBM co-op positons. sweet.

I liked the job search engines that powered Simplyhired and Indeed so much, I used both job search engines for to power the Canadian and U.S. job search.

Lack Work Experience on Your Resume?


Student/ Grad: I Don’t Have Much Work Experience to Put in My Resume.

This is what I hear from many students and new grads starting their job search: lack of experience.

But once I ask these students & grads about their work experiences, they have many. What many students undermine is their part-time experience throughout High school and University or College. Don’t.

If you worked at a retail store like H&M, include in your resume that you maintained visual appeal of the store, managed cash, and tracked conversion rates. Recruiters love all types of experience.