Wear Your Toronto On Your Sleeve, Buy a HeartBeats T.O. T-Shirt

HeartBeats T.O. T-Shirt Designs

HeartBeats T.O. T-Shirt Designs

Aside from the popular Startups List, I like to showcase exciting new startups right on the homepage for robinspeziale.com. This week’s hot startup is HeartBeats T.O.

Have you ever wanted to wear Toronto on your sleeve? Now you can, thanks to the Toronto designer behind HeartBeats T.O.

I’m wearing my HeartBeats T.O. as I write this. Check out HeartBeats T.O.’s collection

And order your very own HeartBeats T.O. T-Shirt today:
– send your order request to info@myheartbeatsto.ca or
fill out HeartBeats T.O. official order form

Also, get connected with HeartBeats T.O.:
Become a fan of HeartBeats T.O.
Follow @HeartBeatsTO
email HeartBeats T.O.

Lookout for HeartBeats T.O. Winter line – coming December ’10…


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