How to Activate Unlocked Phones on Bell Network


Bell customers have waited too long for a better network. The new Bell network is here, and yes you can buy unlocked phones, add a SIM card and use your unlocked phone with Bell.

However, you can’t use any unlocked phone with Bell. The unlocked phone must be 3G. Blackberry Bold is 3G. I just bought an unlocked Blackberry Bold recently and activated it on the new Bell network. Bell will simply charge you $5 for a SIM card and voila – your unlocked phone is activated!


2 thoughts on “How to Activate Unlocked Phones on Bell Network

  1. Finally! One of the main reasons why a lot of people that I know didn’t go with Bell instead of Rogers was exactly because of the SIM cards and unlocked phones thing. Too bad about it having to be 3G though…, but time for a new phone then?

  2. Its 5$ for just the similar card. If you get it from a. bell store they will charge 20$ for sim and. activatiom, or just the sim card and tell you that you can activate it online for free. Problem is their site sucks, and no where does it simply let you activate the sim card you just bought so if you pick one up in store, pay the man to do it for you.

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