How to Activate Unlocked Phones on Bell Network


Bell customers have waited too long for a better network. The new Bell network is here, and yes you can buy unlocked phones, add a SIM card and use your unlocked phone with Bell.

However, you can’t use any unlocked phone with Bell. The unlocked phone must be 3G. Blackberry Bold is 3G. I just bought an unlocked Blackberry Bold recently and activated it on the new Bell network. Bell will simply charge you $5 for a SIM card and voila – your unlocked phone is activated!


3 Cheap Bluetooth Headsets For Your Cell Phone


Be cool like Samuel L. Jackson. He’s a safe driver. With Ontario’s new law banning cell phone use while driving in your car, I’ve done my research and found the 3 Cheapest Bluetooth Headsets for your Cell Phone in Canada.

1) LG Bluetooth Headset (HBM-210) @ Best Buy
2) Motorola Bluetooth Headset (H390) @ Futureshop
3) Jabra BT2010 Bluetooth Headset @ The Source

Black Friday for Canadians


With the loonie almost at par with the U.S. dollar, Canadians will be invading the U.S. on Black Friday for outrageous shopping deals.

Search for Black Friday online and you’ll find plenty of sites devoted to Black Friday deals. shows scans of Black Friday deals from 2008 to give you a good idea of how great the deals will be for 2009. Black Friday starts Friday, November 27, 2009.

If you want to stay up to date with Black Friday deals, check out for the best listing of 2009 Black Friday deals featuring Best Buy, Wal Mart, JC Penney, Victoria’s Secret and many more.

So Canadians, don’t miss the outrageously good Black Friday deals in the U.S. The loonie is too strong to pass up Black Friday in 2009.

Making Money On Social Search Engines


Google and Bing recently announced the first phase of the social search engine. Social search engines open up opportunity for monetization and new advertising formats. However, the rush to monetize social search engines may destroy Google’s and Bing’s core mission: delivering relevant, quality content.

Bing announced yesterday it will be integrating Twitter and Facebook into search results. A Bing spokesperson said “we are going to get access to all the public Twitter information in real time,”, “The other deal we have done will come with all the publically available data on Facebook, and services from that will come at a later date.”

Today, Google announced a new feature called social search that will be released into Google Labs soon. Google social search differs from Bing social search in that Google will deliver content from only your social networks. How does Google know what social networks to pull content from for search results? Users will have the option of connecting their social networks to their Google profile in order to opt into social search.

There will be much buzz surrounding advances in social search. However, one must ask if social search is good for search engines? I think social search will:

1) clutter search results
2) deliver poor quality content
3) produce spam
4) create monetization boom

I would like to stress the 4th point. The social search engines of Google and Bing will create a rush to monetize social search. I can see two core ways to monetize social search:

1) You get paid to post status advertisements on Facebook or Twitter

In this case, companies will start up to faciliate the relationship between advertiser and Facebook or Twitter user. Imagine a platform whereby Coca Cola submits pre-defined status updates filled with content and links to a social search advertising company. This social search advertising company then pays Facebook and Twitter users to post Coca Cola’s status advertisements as status updates. So when somebeody searches for Coca Cola in Google or Bing, they will see their friends status update advertisement in the search results. Once that status advertisment is clicked, Coca Cola gets charged and the Facebook or Twitter user who posted the status advertisment makes money.

2) Facebook and Twitter promise company ads will display in Google and Bing search results

In this case, Facebook and Twitter can easily post or add text links around your Facebook or Twitter profile like in the side bar. So again, once a user searches for something in Google or Bing, they will see advertisements attached to their friends social network activity.

Conclusion: Do you want to see ads in your search results? I don’t. I’ll predict that if Google is not able to filter out these possible status update advertisements from their social search engine, Google’s search engine popularity will fall. Searchers want relvant, quality content, not advertisements – even if the ads are coming from your friends… who want to make money from you.

Volunteer for Chum Christmas Wish


This year marks the 43rd annual Chum Christmas Wish. I’ll be volunteering for Chum Christmas Wish 2009 and plan to volunteer each year thereafter.

The Chum Christmas Wish is an inspiring program. It was originally established in 1966 as a charitable foundation called CHUM’s Kid’s Crusade Foundation, for the purpose of assisting children in need, and children’s charities.

The CP24/CHUM Christmas Wish has become one of the largest distributors of toys to those in need in the GTA, supplying registered charitable organizations, social service agencies, churches, and community centres. In turn, they distribute the donations to those families, of many faiths and cultures, who require our support.

I’m sure if you live in the GTA – Oakville, Mississuaga, Toronto, Brampton, Scarborough, Toronto – you have heard about the Chum Christmas Wish and thought about volunteering – well you should this year!

The Chum Christmas Wish starts Monday, November 16th 2009 and continues until Noon, Thursday, December 24th 2009. The headquarters and toy distribution warehouse is located in Mississauga, at 3035 Wharton Way.

Apply to Chum Christmas Wish – You’ll be glad you did!

Volunteers are needed to help at the warehouse facility to sort donated toys and fill agency toy requests, during the holiday season. To apply, go to starting October 26th @ 9AM and apply. For more details about the Chum Christmas Wish contact 416-384-4199, or e-mail

Schedule for Chum Christmas Wish

Nov 10-Dec 3/09 – Weekday 9:30am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm.
Dec 4-Dec 23/09 – Mon-Thur 9:30am-5pm, Fri 9:30am-8pm, Saturday 10am-5pm.

Hoegaarden Beer Taste Review



Hoegaarden White Beer is light, fruity and smooth. I ordered Hoegaarden White Beer recently at a billiard hall in Toronto. The beer came in the bold, stylish Hoegaarden glass above.

Simply put, Hoegaarden White Beer has a refreshing taste. The aromas are subtle yet tastefull in Hoegaarden White Beer, which is brewed with unmalted wheat, malted barley and are spiced with coriander and orange peel. With close inspection, Hoegaarden White Beer has spicy and citrus-like flavourings.

Beer drinkers have described Hoegaarden White Beer as a summer beer, and I would agree. But because of its light, fruity characteristics, Hoegaarden can be enjoyed with a hearty meal.

If you’re buying Hoegaarden Beer at LCBO, the price for a 6 pack 330ml bottles is $13.95.

I give Hoegaarden White Beer 8/10 on the taste scale.

Goodbye, Trailer Park Boys



I Never thought I’d be saying goodbye to the Trailer Park Boys. Ever since 2001, the Trailer Park Boys show has entertained audiences with crazy antics like drug smuggling, petty crime, narcotics growing, kidnapping, shoot-outs, drinking, and partying. If it was wild, the Trailer Park Boys – Ricky, Julian and Bubbles – did it.

Right around the time Trailer Park Boys 2: Countdown to Liquor Day released, I was reading critics’ view as to why the Trailer Park Boys show was such a huge success. Critics argued audiences felt better about themselves watching the disenfranchised Trailer Park Boys – Ricky, Julian and Bubbles – go about heir daily lives and that we gained a sense of satisfaction knowing we didn’t live in a similar situation. Really?

I think the Trailer Park Boys show was successful because audiences 1) Enjoyed watching a depiction of trailer park life and 2) Almost wished they were living out the Trailer Park Boys lifestyle. Honestly, I’m sure many people have at least once imagined a life without bills and responsibilities. Sure, the Trailer Park Boys lifestyle would wear one out in the long term, but why not live like Ricky, Julian or Bubbles for the day?

The escape to trailer park life attracted me to Trailer Park Boys. The Trailer Park Boys show entertained me through first year university, having watched all the episodes, all the while picturing a life without responsibility and in a twisted way, reveling at the Trailer Park Boys lifestyle.

So, goodbye Trailer Park Boys – it’s been a good run.

Google Street Maps Canada Finally!


Google announced today: Walk through the streets of Canada’s biggest cities with Google Street Maps.

The Google Car finally scoured Canada’s major cities to include Canada in Google Street View. If you want to check out Google Street View for Canada, see photos below for Montreal Street View, Toronto Street View, and Vancouver Street View.

Play around with Google Canada Street View now Just drag the yellow Google-man from the top-left corner to the map.


The Difference Between Twitter and Facebook


Twitter = Communicate with new contacts.

Facebook = Socialize with current friends.

In my opinion, Facebook is the new MSN. MSN, and ICQ before it, helped us socialize with our friends. On the flip side, Twitter is a way to find new people who share the same interests as you. it seems that as my friends and I grow more distant, Facebook and I grow more distant. Lately, I have been exploring Twitter more to build a network of business contacts, entrepreneurs, and interesting people.