Hoegaarden Beer Taste Review



Hoegaarden White Beer is light, fruity and smooth. I ordered Hoegaarden White Beer recently at a billiard hall in Toronto. The beer came in the bold, stylish Hoegaarden glass above.

Simply put, Hoegaarden White Beer has a refreshing taste. The aromas are subtle yet tastefull in Hoegaarden White Beer, which is brewed with unmalted wheat, malted barley and are spiced with coriander and orange peel. With close inspection, Hoegaarden White Beer has spicy and citrus-like flavourings.

Beer drinkers have described Hoegaarden White Beer as a summer beer, and I would agree. But because of its light, fruity characteristics, Hoegaarden can be enjoyed with a hearty meal.

If you’re buying Hoegaarden Beer at LCBO, the price for a 6 pack 330ml bottles is $13.95.

I give Hoegaarden White Beer 8/10 on the taste scale.


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