Google Chrome OS and The Future of Cloud Computing


Coupled with the recent push into mobile with Android, Google is getting ready to shape the future of cloud computing with Chrome OS.

Cloud computing is simply the transition from physical personal hard drives to hosted cyber-space connectivity. The modern notebook will transform into the portable netbook. Chrome OS is setting the stage for the rise in netbooks as evidenced by Dell’s recent announcement regarding Chrome OS support

But because Chrome OS requires internet access to initiate the core operating system and all its applications, one would need to be connected to the internet. This problem presents a huge opportunity. I predict the next 10 years will see the biggest wave of Wifi implementation. Google recently announced pilot tests to grant 47 airports in the U.S. with free Wifi coverage.

Cloud computing means the world will have complete wireless connectivity. The game is going to change.

It will be interesting to see whether Google’s Chrome OS will propel cloud computing. Microsoft’s concept of an offline operating system would certainly have to change if cloud operating systems such as Chrome OS become popular.

As all things, time will tell and consumers will decide.


One thought on “Google Chrome OS and The Future of Cloud Computing

  1. Wow, the Chrome OS could really propel cloud computing. However, it must be released at the right time, because if its released too early, it will just fail. For example, if released right now, at least in Canada, it will fail, because of all the bandwidth caps that Rogers and Bell have in their contracts. Nobody is going to use cloud computing when they only have 60 GB a month to spare and is sharing that with an entire family.
    Also, with the advent of cloud computing, there’s going to be a ton of new privacy and security issues.

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