Facebook versus Myspace: Internet Popularity Contest


The battle between Facebook and Myspace for the social networking crown has long been talked about. However, I find it interesting how with the advent of the internet – websites and internet companies quickly come and go.

I think back to Netscape. Explorer came onto the scene then Firefox now Chrome. These major browsers all within little more than a decade. The rise and fall of websites and browsers in this case hits home that the internet does not completely reflect the traditional marketplace. For example, brands such as Tide, Coca Cola, and Mcdonald’s have been popular brands for decades.

My theory is that because entrance into the internet market is a easy as setting up a website with low capital requirements in most cases, many are encouraged to capitalize on the internet. However, keeping competitive is key else risk being pushed off the internet landscape.

Below is as an example of the rise and fall of social networking on the internet (Google Trends). Myspace once held the crown, now passing it to Facebook. And Facebook is definitely experiencing amazing growth.
Facebook versus Myspace


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