Review – Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2



The following review of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 was written by great friend and Technical Consultant for Buddingup, Edward Lau:

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 is awesome! It’s an enjoyable game with a good story. It also doesn’t get too RPGy, which some people complain about, since the last few Ultimate Alliance games had more RPG elements. However in my opinion, I found this to be better, since this means that there aren’t useless powers to accidentally give points to. And seriously, its a superhero game – we want the action.

its a superhero game – we want the action.

Overall, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2  a good experience, both single player and multiplayer (by that I mean offline co-op, I haven’t tried online yet). The only complaint I have are the loading times, but its not that bad. Loading times are only around half a minute or so… which is far better than Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

it strikes a good balance between being easy and too hard

I’m quite happy that I preordered Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, since it looks like they were sold out very quickly, and I got Juggernaut! While Juggernaut isn’t one of my favourite characters, he’s actually quite fun to use, so that’s good. And I’m pleased with how the developers included some of the lesser known heroes instead of only the popular ones. Plus, its not an easy game either, but it strikes a good balance between being easy and too hard. You should definitely try out the game.

Check back for more reviews by Edward Lau in the future.

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Edward Lau is currently attending the University of Waterloo for computer science. He is also Technical Consultant for


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