New Branding Lessons from Corporate America


With the financial fallout that plagued America and the world in 2008, it seems Corporate America has been branding a new image to usher in a new era.

Notice the Walmart, Best Buy and Pepsi logos are designed with utmost simplicity in mind. Clean and fresh.

new logos - Walmart, Pepsi, Best Buy

These new logos represent a new branding strategy to undo the real and psychological chaos that rendered many Americans upset and confused post financial crisis 2008.

Logo Breakdown:

– The yellow beams symbolize the sun. Walmart is aggressively implementing green technology in their stores. The sun then portrays Walmart’s initiative to save energy, giving back to consumers.

Best Buy
– The full blue backdrop has replaced the yellow used in the old logo. It seems Best Buy is pushing the blue to strengthen its association with its blue shirt wearing work force .

– The slant in logo has a purpose: It’s supposed to be smiling at you in a big way. Its a subliminal message that Pepsi hopes will get people happy drinking more of its beverage.

New branding is a fresh start people want.

Simplicity will reign supreme with branding and logos in the years to come.


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