15+ Great Canadian Technology Stocks


These are some of my favourite Canadian Technology Stocks, most of which appear in my list of “Capital Compounders” . I don’t think Canada gets enough love for its Technology companies. Most investors focus solely on U. S. Tech stocks (e.g. FANG) . But we have Constellation Software, Shopify, CGI etc. Great, multinational technology companies.

My list of 15+ Canadian tech stocks (below) does not include any small micro-cap companies that have yet to establish their positions in the technology industry. For Canadian microcap tech stocks, you can read my writeup on the “Future 60“.

15+ Great Canadian Technology Stocks (2018):

  • Open Text
  • Constellation Software
  • Shopify
  • Computer Modelling Group
  • CGI
  • Tucows
  • Photon Control
  • CAE
  • Ceridian HCM
  • Descartes Systems
  • People Corporation
  • Sylogist
  • Tecsys
  • Enghouse Systems
  • Kinaxis
  • The Stars Group

Watch my video about Canadian Technology Stocks on YouTube. Click here


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