Top 10 Most Popular Issues / Posts (Since Jan ’16)


On January 26, 2016, I started my email newsletter (subscribe here), with only a handful of subscribers (family, and friends). Now, 2.5 years later, membership has grown to 3,700 subscribers!

So, I want to sincerely Thank You for subscribing not only to my newsletter, but also to my YouTube ChannelFacebook Club, and Blog. I’ve been picking stocks since 2005, and there’s nothing more that I love than playing this game, and meeting other DIY investors like you from around the world.

And thanks to everyone who has read my books Market MastersCapital Compounders (email me,, for a free copy), and My 72 Rules (download free here).

These are the TOP 10 Most Popular Issues / Posts (Since Jan, ’16):

1. Capital Compounders

2. Small Companies; Big Dreams – Future 60 Canadian MicroCaps

3. How I Built a $300,000 Stock Portfolio Before 30

4. My Interview with Jason Donville

5. How to Find Tenbaggers

6. My Top 15 Stock Ideas for 2018

7. How this Fund Manager Achieves a 24% Compound Annual Return

8. Next Capital Compounders – 15 Market Beating Growth Stocks

9. Small Cap Ideas

10. How I Pick Winning Stocks


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