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I gave away a bunch of copies of Market Masters in my last newsletter, but I’m still in the giving mood. Christmas is right around the corner! So, grab my latest mini-book, My 72 Rules for Investing in Stocks, for free here. Hurry, because the book will only be there until Nov 20th. (I also announced my partnership with Patreon that gives you exclusive access to my top stock performers, portfolio, watchlist and more. Learn about all the offers here.)

My 72 Rules is a really quick read (under 1 hour), revealing my thoughts on investing in the stock market for the past 12 years. It’s also being featured on the newly re-launched, which boasts 150,000 visitors per month. That traffic combined with 500,000 page views / month make Stockchase one of the top Canadian personal finance sites on the internet.

I started visiting Stockchase in 2005, at the beginning of my investing journey. The site gave me access to other investors, and their opinions on stocks. For example, Hedge Fund Manger, Jason Donville, and his top pick in 2010: Constellation Software. You can see on that Donville recommended Constellation Software (TSE:CSU) at $39.75/share on 2010-02-24. Today, CSU is $738/share. You’d have done pretty well by investing in Constellation Software back in 2010…

Jason Donville [on Constellation Software, 2010-02-24]:
“Big company without a huge profile. 30-40 companies under it to do all kinds of things in Canada and the US. Able to buy companies at a very good valuation. Single digit P/E. Thinks stock is worth double.”

Btw, Jason Donville, and 27 other Top Investors are also featured in my National Bestselling Book, Market Masters, which contains exclusive interviews on stock-picking strategies.

Anyway, the history of Stockchase is interesting. Founder Bill Bruner had a habit of watching stock opinion shows [notably BNN] and taking notes about everything that was said. His son, Chris, had the idea of publishing his father’s notes online. The Bruner family ran the site for almost 17 years (2000-2017). That’s a pretty incredible thing for a part time family business. You can learn more about the new ownership of Stockchase here.

Ok, so I made the announcement last week but I’d like to mention again that I’ve recently partnered with this cool, new platform called Patreon to offer some of you exclusive content. Many of you know that I provide quarterly updates on My Top 10 Stock Performers through this newsletter. However, I don’t ever reveal my full stock portfolio, or watchlist, and only provide updates every three months – never on a monthly basis. Well, with Patreon, that’s all going to change. I’ll still release quarterly updates (i.e., My Top 10 Stocks) through this email-newsletter, but if you want more, you need to visit, and become a member on my Patreon page.

Here’s what I’m offering exclusively on Patreon:

  • My Top 10 Stock Performers (Monthly)
  • My Portfolio Snapshot + Watchlist (Monthly)
  • Investment Coaching + Portfolio Review (Anytime)
  • VIP Package (All + Market Masters Book, Signed by Me)

Learn More Here. (I’m releasing my first exclusive content in December)


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