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I’ve received a lot of reader mail since my book, Market Masters, released worldwide in 2016. And I’ve even met some of you in and around Toronto for coffee at Tim Hortons, Starbucks, and Indigo to talk stocks. It’s really been great to connect with you – passionate DIY investors not just in Canada, but from around the globe – U.S., U.K., India, Israel, and Europe.

Recently I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if we all got together to talk stocks, and growth investing ideas? To see who else has read Market Masters(or my new book, Capital Compounders)? And to be in touch with like-minded people from around the world? Obviously, we can’t all meetup at a coffee shop. So, I’ve started a new Facebook Group that I would like you to join. Click on this linkand join the Capital Compounders Club. It’s free but exclusive (closed group). However, once you join, you can invite your friends, and family, and post whatever you want – stock/company ideas, videos, new stock buys/sells, articles, investing strategies, etc.

Also, I’m launching exclusive content that will only be available to you in the Capital Compounders Club:

  • Stock Picking Competition (once you join the club, reply to the “Pick a Stock!” post with your top stock – winner will be announced on October 31st)
  • DIY Investor Features (email me at if you want to reveal your investing strategies, and I’ll send you a quick profile sheet to fill-out, which I’ll publicly post once complete
  • Live Q&A Sessions with top investors… to be announced soon…
  • Events in and around Toronto (maybe even a pub night)

Join the Capital Compounders Club Now! (If you have Facebook, it’ll take 3 seconds)


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