Promotional T-Shirts for your Website or Business


Buddingup is in growth mode. It’s been 5 months since I launched the jobs site To spur growth, I decided to start investing in promotions for Buddingup.

I decided to design t-shirts to promote the website – for guys and girls. T-shirts would allow me extensive coverage for a low price. I designed the t-shirts with Photoshop, sent designs to a t-shirt print shop and in 2 days had my set of promotional t-shirts.

buddingup promotional t-shirt
buddingup promotional t-shirt for girls

I wear my Buddingup promotional t-shirt as much as I can. At the mall, at KFC, outside. If you think about it, one hour of wearing your promotional t-shirt at the mall = 100+ eyes looking at your brand.

Here are my tips for designing an effective promotional t-shirt

(1) Make the t-shirt simple
(2) Make the t-shirt easy to read
(3) Display your business name or website clearly
(4) Include a catchy, interest-grabbing phrase
(5) Use your t-shirt’s front & back real estate


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