Traindom is a resource for all those information marketers out there:

– fitness experts training people in fitness and weight loss
– internet marketers coaching people how to make money online
– personal effectiveness coaches giving time and self-management tricks
– pick up artists teaching the art of seduction
– And more!

With Traindom you can create the landing page and entire membership site for visitors that want to sign up for your e-courses. At first glance, Traindom’s interface looks a lot like WordPress. So, if you’ve been blogging on WordPress, it should be an easy transition to Traindom.

What I like about Traindom is that you only pay for the service once you start making money. So, there is no pressure. Sign up for a free trial on Traindom.

Traindom also gives you plenty of tools to work with on your membership information marketing site:

– add and update content any time you want
– add video and audio to your content
– create membership sites with recurring payment and monthly content
– build fans via forum discussions with your customers about the content
– built-in payment systems
– built-in Google Analytics integration so you can analyze which content your clients study the most

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