My Top 10 Investing Tips


My Top 10 Investing Tips are the result of 6 years of investing. I have made many investing mistakes, but learned a solid set of investment principles in return. Below are my top 10 Investing Tips:

(1) Invest in companies you know
(2) Invest in companies that will grow in the market
(3) Invest in companies that can raise prices and people will still buy
(4) Don’t invest in popular stocks or fads, fads die hard. i.e. Croc’s, Heely’s
(5) Research companies news and financial statements before you invest
(6) Use logic when investing, leave emotion at the door
(7) Keep your portfolio of stocks focused, don’t invest in over 30 stocks
(8) Invest in a stock only if you would you buy the entire company
(9) Invest for the long-term, the tortoise won the race.
(10) Look for companies with worldwide brand presence i.e. Apple, RIM