Good Time To Buy RIM?


Is it a good time to buy RIM stock? I’d say so. On September 25th, RIM stock took a nasty dive. Why? Investors weren’t happy with earnings forecast moving forward, doubting RIM’s business model. In my opinion, this dive is short term – RIM will bounce back. However, let’s talk long term investing in RIM.

Critics quickly justified RIM’s fall from grace September 25th, pegging the lower earnings forecast to a weakened and questionable business model. Goldman Sachs commented “The failure of RIM’s new products (Javelin and Tour) to drive similar growth in new subscriber adds compared to prior launches makes us doubt RIM’s ability to maintain share in North America,”. Goldman, like RIM’s other critics, are worried about RIM’s consumer business model, citing its consumer line of Blackberry’s as the future to bigger growth and earnings.

I do agree on some level that the consumer line can add more revenue to RIM’s operations. However, one cannot forget RIM’s core business model is the Corporate/ Government sector. And when the ecnomy picks up and the developing world continues building infrastracture and businesses, RIM will supply them. RIM will supply corporations and government in the long run because of security. RIM’s servers are rock solid. I don’t think an iPhone can live up to that same level of security.