Review: Rent Jungle, the apartment supersite


Rent Jungle makes it fun and easy to find apartments across the United States. Rent Jungle aggregates apartment listings across 10 websites that include over 1 million apartments! When I searched for New York City, NY on Rent Jungle, the search came back with 10,417 apartments!

What I like about Rent Jungle’s search results is that by default a Google map pops up with apartment listings. But, you can also switch to list view, which shows apartment listings much like Google would but in a more detailed fashion, showing pictures, statistics, and thorough info for each listing.

Rent Jungle even features resources that can can help you on your apartment hunt – articles, market trends, tools etc. The coolest feature is Rent Jungle’s new Facebook App that lets you search for apartments in Facebook. Once you find apartments that you like, you can easily share your choices with your friends and future roommates. And they can comment on your choices! Get the Rent Jungle App

If you are in the market for apartments, check out Rent Jungle. It’s the Google of Apartment search. I only wish Rent Jungle aggregated apartment listings from Canada too. I’m sure Canadians would be itching to search for apartments on Rent Jungle – it’s so easy!