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Don’t you hate it when you miss a stock that’s gone up?

Maybe you:
– didn’t know about the company until much later
– researched the stock, but didn’t invest in it
– owned it but sold out way too soon

It’s not a good feeling… missing a multi-bagger — any stock that doubles or more. Here’s the math:

Bagger Gain ROI
2-bagger 100% 2x
3-bagger 200% 3x
4-bagger 300% 4x
5-bagger 400% 5x
10-bagger 900% 10x
100-bagger 9,900% 100x

I’m guilty of it too (missing out).

But I’ve also had my share of multi-baggers since 2005. That’s when I started investing in the stock market from my dorm room at the age of 18. It only takes a handful of long-term performers to really compound your portfolio’s returns.

My stock portfolio is up 50x since then.

Here’s some recent multi-baggers that helped get me there:

– In my book, Market Masters (2016), I wrote that I had started a position in Tweed @ ~$1.50. Tweed evolved into Canopy Growth Corp, which is now a $60/share company — that’s a 40x bagger

– On Patreon, I wrote a feature in January 2018 titled “Robotics Ideas” where I shared the largely unknown Kraken Robotics, a stock that’s now up 4x times (I also included Kraken among My Best 15 Ideas for 2019)

– I told all of you in December last year that I was accumulating Bitcoin during the bear market. Bitcoin is now up +125% (double) since then. I called the most recent bottom

There’s more: Starbucks, Lassonde, Shopify, Tucows, Dollarama, Savaria, MTY Food Group, FirstService, Constellation Software… all multi-baggers.

Honestly, at the time I made most of these big bets (especially on the cannabis industry w/ Tweed, and recently with Bitcoin), it seemed crazy. I had so many doubters; that’s not about to change anytime soon. In my latest newsletter issue, “Market Gobblers”, I said that Uber would make it to the trillion dollar market-cap club. Some readers scoffed, but I think I’ll be proven right (and not crazy) in time… (stocks don’t just shoot straight up)

What’s my secret? It’s not rocket science. I focus on (1) the business model, (2) the vision, and (3) the growth potential. I do not focus on today’s current valuation — that’s why accountants don’t get rich, and why CFAs repeatedly fail to beat the market with their mutual funds.

The truth is that: I’m always on the hunt for the next 10x Bagger.

I have a strong passion and instinct for finding promising micro-cap, small-cap, and mid-cap companies that have what it takes to grow bigger. But it’s taken years of practice, and persistence…

As legendary investor, Peter Lynch said: “the person that turns over the most rocks wins the game”.

No doubt; it’s tough — there’s thousands of stocks out there, and only some will become multi-baggers. It can be overwhelming. So I want to help.

Do you want to come along my journey? 

I’ll show you the 60 small companies that I’ve been tracking since last year, and also post regular updates for you. Here’s the latest: four companies have already been taken over for an average 47% premium (I’ve since made new additions to the roster). One stock has doubled, and 6 others are almost there. I’m confident that there’s some long-term multi-baggers in this roster of “Future 60” small companies, but obviously the journey will take time, and there will be some duds too (all part of the game).

That’s not all. 

I’ve also been meeting with top investors all year and recording exclusive conversations, where they reveal their strategy, investing process, best ideas, and more to me. I’ve posted 15+ new streaming audio interviews (over 20 hours) to Patreon, with more coming soon. You don’t want to miss what these hedge fund managers and investors have to say:

Jason Donville – Francois Rochon – Aubrey Hearn – Gerry Wimmer – John Ewing – Martin Braun – James Telfser – Iain Butler – Roger Dent – Barry Schwartz – Jason Mann – Matt Kacur – Jason Del Vicario – Alex Sasso – Benj Gallander – (new interviews coming….)

Plus, My Best 15 Ideas for 2019 are all beating the major benchmark indexes — S&P500, DJIA, and TSX Composite. Not bad for an all-Canadian model portfolio.

And soon I’ll be introducing my list of U.S. Compounders for the first time ever, joining my list of 40 Canadian Capital Compounders that I revealed at Prem Watsa’s Fairfax Financial Shareholders Dinner in 2017.

Honestly, there’s just so much going on… 

100+ Patreon members have access to (in addition to the above):

– a private chat group on Discord
– seven model growth portfolios
– capital compounders club
– guest features (e.g. top ideas)
– select stock research and quarterly updates
– hedge fund insights
– punch-card picks from other DIY investors & analysts
– complimentary copies of my books (including audiobook)
– starter bitcoin
– giveaways (this month it’s a fire tablet to read the investment classics)
– events and get-togethers
– 50+ member only posts from the past one+ years I’ve been on Patreon

I’ve put everything into one package to help you find the next 10x bagger, and compound your portfolio’s returns. “The more you learn, the more you earn”, as they say. I’ve met over 50+ hedge fund managers and investors through writing Market Masters (Globe & Mail Bestseller) and recording these new audio interviews. It’s so true — knowledge + experience is what separates the small portfolios, from the big portfolios! Having that edge makes all the difference.

What are you waiting for?

There’s already 100+ members on Patreon who have access to everything I’ve mentioned above, plus monthly updates and new benefits along the way. These current members will be grandfathered into the $5 plan forever, but soon (for new members who sign up), the new membership rate will go up to $10! It’s still only $5 for new members so please do hurry 🙂

Patreon is such a great platform. It’s a monthly plan, and so you can cancel anytime just like Netflix. I love the flexibility, and the members do too.

Join here.  Don’t miss out  😉

P.S. if you’ve followed me for long enough, you’ll know that I don’t get paid by companies, institutions, or investors to say anything. I only discuss what interests me, and I what I want to share with you. Through Patreon, you’d be an important supporter of my content, including future books that I write for DIY investors — you! I also make regular donations to the SickKids Foundation, where I was once a patient (learn more on Patreon). Thank you.

Regards, and Happy Investing,

Robin Speziale
(If you want to chat, email me at


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