Punch-card Project


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Let’s try something fun. I call it the “Punch-card Project”, where DIY investors from around the world come together to share stock ideas (there’s 4,400 of you who subscribe to this newsletter).

I’m inspired by something that Warren Buffett said years ago:

“I always tell students they’d be better off when they got out of business school to have a punch card with 20 punches on it. And every time they made an investment decision, they used up one of their punches, because they aren’t going to get 20 great ideas in their lifetime. They’re going to get five or three or seven, and you can get rich off five or three or seven.”

So, how does this work?

Let’s take it to the next level….
You get one punch, and must pick among the MicroCap universe:
– U.S.; under $300M market cap; or
– Canada; under $100M market cap

Small companies; big dreams. It’s the thrill of the treasure hunt!

Reply to me via email (r.speziale@gmail.com), submitting your one Punch-card stock idea. You just need to provide the name of the MicroCap stock to enroll in the project; no explanation/thesis is required. I will compile ideas from everyone who enrolls. Once the list is compiled, all those who enrolled will get to see the list (via email), as well as any of my Patreon members. The full list, plus performance updates will then be shared here throughout the year. If you do not wish to disclose your identity for any reason, you’ll have the option to pick an alias.

Please send me an email (r.speziale@gmail.com) in the following format by March 6, 2019:

Punch-card Project Stock Idea: Insert a MicroCap stock
Identity: Insert First Name & Last Name or Alias name

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s ideas, and sharing them all back with you in the month of March… maybe this will become an annual tradition.


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