Jason Donville II (2019)


/// My Follow-up Interview with Jason Donville (2019) ///

I featured Jason Donville (hedge fund manager), among other top Canadian investors, in my National Bestselling Book; Market Masters (2016). Since then, we have been in touch, but haven’t done an official follow-up interview… until now.

I met Jason sometime in January 2019 in his downtown Toronto office. Here’s what we talked about (90+ minute conversation):

  • Current strategy and stock selection process
  • New ideas
  • Portfolio breakdown – industries, trends, company size
  • Long-term winners
  • Stock market outlook and observations
  • Beating the market over the long run
  • 10-year punchcard
  • Thought process for DIY investors
  • Risk management (including shorts)
  • Future plans
  • Random facts, and more…

I’ve already posted this full 90+ minute audio interview w/ Jason Donville on Patreon, for all members. Are you interested in listening? Join Now (there’s more goodies too..)


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