Robin Speziale Net Worth: $450,000 – August 2017



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Robin Speziale’s Net Worth: $450,000 (2017)

I’m going to start updating my blog with Net Worth Updates. Most likely on an annual basis. Currently, (August, 2017) this is my Net Worth: $450,000.

I’ve built my net worth over time through working – part-time and full-time, investing in stocks, dabbling in online opportunities (eBay, websites, etc.) and receiving book royalty payments from my publisher (ECW Press; Market Masters), and SmashWords (other eBooks).

I’m 30 now. But my plan is to build my net worth up to $1,000,000 within the next decade (i.e., before 2028) by the time I’m 40, but preferably to build a stock portfolio that’s worth $1,000,000 (I like liquid assets). Lots can happen between now and then, so we’ll see.

Assets –

  • Condo: $420,000
  • Stocks: $300,000
  • TOTAL ASSETS: $720,000

Liabilities –

  • Mortgage: $270,000

Robin Speziale Net Worth –



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