Music Lovers Rejoice: Grooveshark Continues Napster’s Song



Remember Napster? Napster is one of those things in life I remember fondly. Napster was that revolutionary online music tool launched in the late 90’s. I remember first hearing about Napster in Grade 7 from a buddy in school.

It was mind bending you could download music online! I think Napster defined how you use the internet today: sharing. Napster was only as successfull as the people sharing music online. Kind of sounds like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter with the “conecting and sharing” concept of social networks.

Napster’s song ended in early 2000, with Metallica initating the first major legal blow to Napster. Napster staggered for a bit then finally collapsed. Napster users swarmed to Kazaa, Limewire and Morpheus to feed their music addiction. But soon after, music downloaders realized these new music platforms were a haven for viruses.

Around 2004 the online music industry took a new shift. iTunes accompanied the hugely successfull iPod. But music wasn’t free. Apple charged around $1 per song. Around the same time, Napster restarted its music engine, adopting a platform similiar to iTunes with pay per download. Napster never recaptured its early success and on its last breath was acquired by Best Buy.

Enter Grooveshark. Grooveshark is the new Napster. When I launched Grooveshark, I started remembering the good ol’ days of Napster. And Grooveshark is incredibly easy to use. Search for a song, singer or album, load up a playlist and start listening to songs in seconds. It’s brilliant. No downloading.

Go to Grooveshark now and start listening to music. Get off iTunes, Limewire and Windows Media Player. So 90’s.


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