Launch of New Videogame Website Answers: So… Is It Good?


I’ll admit – I read videogame reviews before I buy a videogame. In this day and age, with new videogame releases priced at $50 and above, a videogame is a pretty big investment, especially if you are an avid gamer, purchasing 20+ games per year.

I’m sure many gamers get their reviews from IGN and Gamespot. And although I have followed both IGN and Gamespot since their inception, I can’t help to question the integrity of their most recent reviews. It seems a certain set of videogames are bullet proof. For example, the GTA series can’t seem to score under 9.0/10.

So, it’s nice to read a videogame review from a source that offers in depth analysis and that isn’t paid to advertise that same videogame on its website. Enter Edward Lau. Edward recently launched his videogame blog: So… Is It Good? As described in his first videogame review for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Of Fatalities and Heroic Brutalities, Edward “provides an in-depth look into a video game each review and basically answers the question that is the title of this blog”.

So before you invest your hard earned money in a videogame, check out So… Is It Good? and answer that age-old question all gamers face: So… Is It Good?


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