25 Sites to Submit Your Startup Website Free



You’ve developed a startup website. And now you ask: Where Can I Submit My Startup Website for free?

I submitted my website startup – buddingup.com – to hundreds of sites when I founded it back in April, 2009. However, only a select few websites I submitted to gave my startup a quality back link, search engine traffic and coverage in Google search results.

Below are my Top 25 sites to submit your startup website to for free:

  1. FeedMyApp
  2. CrunchBase
  3. Techvibes
  4. Linkedin
  5. Killerstartups
  6. Tradevibes
  7. Venturedig
  8. TagEdge
  9. Younoodle
  10. Blippr
  11. Startup World
  12. Lovelypages
  13. Twitter
  14. Facebook Pages
  15. Venturebeat
  16. SimpleSpark
  17. WikidWeb
  18. Gen-Y Startup
  19. NetWebApp
  20. MoMB
  21. 2.0websites
  22. Startup Nation
  23. Appuseful
  24. Gravee
  25. Digg

Submit your startup website to me – r.speziale[at]gmail.com and I’ll profile your startup on my blog.


5 thoughts on “25 Sites to Submit Your Startup Website Free

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