Apple Video Game Console Will Shake Industry



An Apple video game console would shake the video game industry. Imagine a platform similar to iPhone Apps but with downloadable video games for your home iConsole. With the advent of cloud computing, the idea of an Apple videogame console can work.

The impact Apple’s videogame console would have on the gaming industry is huge:

– Cheaper video games
– ‘Try online before you buy’ video game concept
– Game development open to everybody
– Useful Apps for your T.V.

Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft would need to refresh their business model with an Apple videogame console in the mix. And imagine a gaming console with iPhone, iPod, iTunes, and Macbook sync-up – the possibilities are endless.

Don Reisinger of Cnet writes “with such a powerful piece of software in iTunes, there’s no reason to suggest the console couldn’t be tied to the platform and become yet another way to use iTunes to download music, movies, TV shows, and now, video game demos. Simply put, the infrastructure is in place and ready to go.” Read Cnet’s Why Apple should release a game console


Rumours recently fired up again about the Apple videogame console. Apparently the recently announced Apple Tablet will function as a videogame platform. Read Destructoid’s Apple tablet Rumored to be a Gaming Device. However, I still believe a separate Apple home video game console is in the works. Stay tuned.


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