Speziale – Origins of Speziale


As you all know by reading my blog, my last name is Speziale. I’ve been researching my last name Speziale for years to find out its meaning. Today I stumbled upon a new Wikipedia Speziale page. I had to translate the Speziale page to english, because naturally, it was written in Italian – Italy being the origin of the Speziale last name.

The Wikipedia article describes Speziale: “The chemist in the Middle Ages was the one who took care of the preparation of medicines, usually had a shop called pharmacy, within which the activities carried out also for the sale of spices and medicinal herbs.”

So my ancestors were presumably the modern-day equivalent to pharmacists and chemists. Interesting. Check out the full Speziale Wikipedia article


2 thoughts on “Speziale – Origins of Speziale

  1. Hi Robin,

    I proudly carry the surname Speziale. I am in Melbourne, Australia. Have you noted the town/village of Speziale in Italy’s south east, near Fasano? It is just north of Brindisi.

    I have seen a reference to Speziale deriving from the role of the Apothecary, the specialist, many centuries ago.

    I am a second generation Australian, my paternal grandfather arriving in 1922. He, his bother, wife and her niece travelled from the the Lipari Islands off Messina, Siciliy. (Via Naples).

    I visited Lipari for the first time last year – the village of Canneto – just north of he Old Port, was where m grandfather spent his childhood and teens! Bartolomeo set sail when he was 21.

    Kind regards,


  2. Very interesting. Thanks for this comment Steve. I was not aware of Speziale, Italy. I just checked it out in Google Maps.

    My Grandfather came over to Canada (Nova Scotia) in the 1940’s (after WWII) to then move to Toronto. I am a 3rd generation Italian and have been to Italy (Rome, Pescara) where I have family members.


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