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*** I originally sent this newsletter issue to my 4,000 subscribers on November 27, 2018 ***

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It’s interesting how quickly market sentiment can turn. We’ve gone from hot to cold seemingly overnight. My stock portfolio has dropped in value and I’m sure yours has too. Currently, there’s lots of pessimism in stock markets around the world – Canada, U.S., Europe, India, China, and pretty much everywhere else. We’re in the midst of a correction with ~10%+ declines from highs among the S&P 500, DJIA, TSX Composite, and other indexes. My Facebook Group, YouTube Channel, and other platforms’ activity has gone down. All I can hear are crickets.

Some say that this is the start of a long bear market, and that declines will continue from here, “so you should sell all of your stocks”. Rising rates, punishing trade wars, and ballooning debt loads are among the worries. Plus we’re around 10 years into what many so-called experts call a “prolonged bull market”. The worries are warranted, and should not be completely discounted. It can be scary. My Mom even texted me last week, asking “what is going on with my investment account…it keeps going down”. Don’t worry, Mom. Times like these excite me; let me explain…

I’ve never regretted pumping more money into stocks when the broad market was in decline, and sentiment was gloomy. During the decline it’s scary and feels downright stupid to invest more into my existing holdings, but in hindsight it’s always been the right decision. I’ve never called the exact bottoms, and if I did I would be on a beach somewhere, but this is how you build wealth in the stock market; it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Over the past couple of days, I pored over the latest quarterly reports of my existing stock holdings, and added money to the companies that posted solid results with unchanged guidance, but still suffered a 10% – 40% drop in their stock prices. In the future, I’ll know whether I made the right decision. And if the market declines further from here, I’ll look to add more capital. It’s impossible to time the market. That’s what I’ve accepted; I don’t know where the market is going in the short term, but I do know that that it’s going up in the long term. I’m an optimist. But I’m also a realist; not all of my stock picks will be winners, and that’s ok.

You might be at that point too where you don’t know where the market is heading from here. You’re contemplating whether or not you should add more money to your existing stocks, and wondering if there’s other discounted opportunities out there. If you have picked up my new book, Capital Compounders, flip to Chapter 20: My Universe of Growth Stocks. In this chapter, you might find some ideas that you’d like to conduct more research on.

I wish you well out there. Investing can be tough, but the more years you’re in the stock market, the more desensitized you become to the declines, and the more aware you are about the ability to compound wealth faster if you stay invested, buying at depressed levels. Most people understand this truth, especially the older readers. But while there’s lots of smart people out there, from doctors to lawyers, not everyone can stomach the market, and most people just want to become a gazillionaire overnight. That’s not going to happen.

Some dip their toe into the stock market, and quickly jump out. Others are perpetually scared and will never try to swim. That’s why when someone new to investing asks me what to do in the beginning, I always tell them: “lose money early; develop thick skin”. They think I’m crazy but that’s the best lesson that I cannot teach them. After one loses money, and then later develops their own investment strategy, including what stocks to buy in their universe, making money in the market becomes easier, but not easy.

Plant seeds, and water the trees. Invest for the long run and you will build wealth.

Regards, and happy investing,


*** I originally sent this newsletter issue to my 4,000 subscribers on November 27, 2018 ***

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Get Together in Toronto – Nov 24, 2018


/// ​Join me and other DIY Investors in Toronto on November 24th 8:00pm at Fynn’s of Temple Bar (489 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4) ///

Hey — are you available on Saturday, November 24th?

I’m hosting a Get Together in Toronto, along with the guys from the Don’t F*ck With Donville, and Be Smart Rich Blogs. I’m sure it’ll be a fun night, filled with good drinks, discussion, and new connections among local DIY Investors like you who will be joining us there. Meet us at Fynn’s of Temple Bar (489 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4) on November 24th 8:00pm. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

I’ll also be signing, and giving away a couple of copies of my new book –Capital Compounders. If you haven’t picked up your copy, you can grab it on AmazonCapital Compounders made it to #1 Hot New Investing Release within its first week, thanks to everyone who has already picked up the book for themselves, and in some cases their friends, and family too.

One reader recently left this review on Amazon:

“This book [Capital Compounders] is so good I ordered a copy for my son and my nephew, 2 of my favorite people”

I honestly wrote the book that I wish I had read when I first started out in the stock market. I really think that you’ll enjoy Capital Compounders.

More Updates:

  • Audiobook will be available soon through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes
  • Virtually all Public Libraries across Canada have the book on order
  • Some Universities and Colleges are starting to place orders
  • Signed a distribution deal in India, and so Flipkart will soon carry the book
  • Famous investor, Mohnish Pabrai, picked up a copy to read
  • You can order the book anywhere worldwide; Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo, Book Depository, Books-a-Million, and soon – Flipkart
  • The eBook is still a complimentary download on

If you can come out to the Get Together on Nov 24th – mark your calendar!

Regards, and happy investing,


(If you want to chat, email me

Announcement: The New Book for DIY Investors – Capital Compounders: How to Beat the Market and Make Money Investing in Growth Stocks


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/// ​Announcement: My New Paperback Book – Capital Compounders – officially releases worldwide in stores and online today, and subscribers (you) get a complimentary copy of the eBook. Go to and download (PDF, 289 pages). ///

Do you dream about stocks all day, every day? When you’re driving to work. When you’re vacuuming. When you’re out shopping. It’s ok… me too. I’m a DIY Investor just like you, and I think we’re a special breed. You and I pore over quarterly reports, and screen for new stocks, while others track sports stats. It’s what we like to do.

Really good days in the market elate us, while terrible down days can deflate us. Yes – this can sometimes be a very lonely, solitary pursuit. We’ll doubt ourselves. But who else do you know can stomach watching their portfolio seemingly collapse, like in the most recent correction? We do. You and I endure the ups and downs because we know that in the long run we will build wealth. Besides, if the stock market were that easy; hipsters, hobos, and hairdressers would be rich.

But this is also a fun game for us. It’s like a big treasure hunt. We want to be the ones who find the most valuable treasures among all the others. It’s almost impossible to quit. Plus, the better we get at this game, and the more winners we bag, the faster our portfolios grow. While others are basing their retirement plan on winning the next jackpot, we’re proactively investing our capital into the greatest wealth generator of all time – the stock market.

I’m always dreaming about stocks – day and night. I think it started as soon as I learned about the magic of compound returns when I was a teenager. It’s like a light switch turned on: Why work for money, when money can work for you?

As most of you know, along with dreaming about stocks, I’m constantly writing about stocks too. I released my first Paperback Book in 2016 – Market Masters (a Globe & Mail National Bestseller) – and now three years later I’m releasing my second Paperback: Capital Compounders. I wrote this new book for the DIY Investor – you. It’s packed with shared experiences, stories, lessons learned, rules, interviews, strategies, resources, and some thoughts on the future. I really hope that you enjoy Capital Compounders.

One advance reader had this to say:

Andrew (from Toronto): “I’ve read a number of investment books before, and this by-far is one of the most practical and easily digestible books for all DIY investors at any level. Great work Robin!”

I’m so excited to release Capital Compounders that I’m giving away the eBook. You can go to and grab your copy (it’s a direct download; PDF, 289 pages).

I think it would be great if you also pick up the Paperback. You can even give it away as a present. If you do pick up Capital Compounders within the first week of release (Nov 4th – 11th), send me a photo of your receipt, or forward me the purchase confirmation email. The first 25 readers will receive coupons to access the audiobook on Audible at no extra charge. It’s my way of saying: Thanks.

Please check out the official launch page on, where you’ll discover everything you’ll learn about in my new book. There might even be a couple of surprises…

Regards, and happy investing,

Robin Speziale

15+ Great Canadian Technology Stocks


These are some of my favourite Canadian Technology Stocks, most of which appear in my list of “Capital Compounders” . I don’t think Canada gets enough love for its Technology companies. Most investors focus solely on U. S. Tech stocks (e.g. FANG) . But we have Constellation Software, Shopify, CGI etc. Great, multinational technology companies.

My list of 15+ Canadian tech stocks (below) does not include any small micro-cap companies that have yet to establish their positions in the technology industry. For Canadian microcap tech stocks, you can read my writeup on the “Future 60“.

15+ Great Canadian Technology Stocks (2018):

  • Open Text
  • Constellation Software
  • Shopify
  • Computer Modelling Group
  • CGI
  • Tucows
  • Photon Control
  • CAE
  • Ceridian HCM
  • Descartes Systems
  • People Corporation
  • Sylogist
  • Tecsys
  • Enghouse Systems
  • Kinaxis
  • The Stars Group

Watch my video about Canadian Technology Stocks on YouTube. Click here

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